British International School 上海英国学校

Shanghai British School 上海英国国际学校

2014, Design & Build 设计&施工

Project: Shanghai British School – Elementary Landscape.

Our Involvement: Design and Build, Planting by others.

Intro: We designed a little playground for the British International School located in Pudong. The playground consists of two covered areas that provide a fun and safe learning environment. We undulated the levels to provide more diversity and adventure and integrated soft plants making it more natural.

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项目:上海英国国际学校 – 幼儿园碧意轩负责概念设计- 详图设计


项目介绍: 我们为英国国际学校浦东校区设计了小型的游乐区域。整体内有两块遮阳棚区域,可同时提供趣味及安全的教学环境,起伏的地面提供更多的趣味和探索性,结合植物使整体更贴近自然。

Project Gallery 项目图册

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