About Us

Greenspace Ltd specialises in design & build as well as project management of small to medium scale detailed, imaginative, practical and quality landscapes. We work both on new builds and also small renovation of existing landscapes. On small scape projects we provide design/build/maintenance services as a one stop service. For bigger projects we work as part of a larger team providing specialises know-how mostly in the horticulture, water and construction project management areas.
Greenspace Ltd has been in business for 12 years and is internally owed and managed by staff who have been working there mostly from the very beginning. We are a small business and not the fastest growing but we provide strong communication, honesty, reliability and care.
We have worked on some of the most complicated landscaping projects in China, some very large ones as well as some very small intricate ones. Regardless of size we are passionate about our work and the end result we hope are landscapes which increase in value and beauty over time.
Our design work has a strong natural overlay with structured / formal elements. We are very interested in change, seasonality, soils, rocks, land formation, wind, smells, water, wildlife and how people interact with them. Up most to us is making sure the landscapes have a strong educational component, are playful and fun and practical to manage.
Greenspace Ltd supports various non profits including SEEDS (promoting rare and endangered plant species) and Trail Links (promoting a unique cycle and activity highway in Shanghai).about5
碧意轩也参与了包括SEEDS(推广濒危植物品种)及Trail links(推广特色骑行及高速公路骑行活动)等非盈利组织的活动的组织和支持。
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