Construction, Planting & Maintenance 施工,种植&施工

Reliable, Strong Communication, Honest! 可靠,良好沟通,诚信!

Greenspace Ltd builds and plants small to medium sizes projects which require specialised knowledge and an attention to detail.  These include private residences, hotel landscapes, schools and specialised high end commercial and residential projects.


Greenspace specs all materials and brands it uses during construction. We are also clear on build method. Both of these combine to make sure the client is clear on build quality and longevity.

Greenspace specs all materials and brands it uses during construction. We are also clear on build method. Both of these combine to make sure the client is clear on build quality and longevity. 我们列明施工中主要材料的规格品牌。明确所有的施工工艺。上述两项的明确可以使业主清晰的了解施工质量和使用年限。

Benefits of our Build & Planting 我们施工及种植的优势

  • Practical & Cost Effective 可实施性 &  成本可控
  • Attention to detail & Best Practice 专注于细节 & 最佳实践措施
  • Clear build method 明确的施工工艺
  • Honest communication 良好诚信的沟通
  • Responsible for our work  负责的态度

Greenspace Ltd provides very strong construction project management on our project.



Landscape Maintenance  景观养护

As part of our design/build contracts we offer landscape maintenance services. Landscapes increase in value and beauty over time with professional maintenance services. We think about maintenance from the start of the design and bring in maintenance teams during the build / planting phase. Implementing transparent working plans and trying to troubleshoot ahead of time is key to our maintenance work.



Greenspace Ltd provides intelligent maintenance management for our own projects.


Client Examples 以往客户
> Urban Hotel 雅悦酒店

> Mira Tower, Shanghai  上海未来资产大厦
> Shanghai American School 上海美国学校
> New Zealand & English World Expo Pavilion 新西兰&英国世博馆
& many private client  大量的私人客户

Strong Team Work 强大的团队合作

Greenspace Ltd assigns dedicated teams from start to finish of a project. Working as a strong team with partners and the client are key to our success.碧意轩将会由指定的团队负责整个项目,同合作伙伴及客户一起团队合作是我们成功的关键

Quality Plants 优良的苗源
We We source and stock plants for our own projects and also others. We have very clear planting specifications and are very serious about our planting method. We source and supply interesting and natural plants.


Special Trees 特种树
Feature Shrubs & Small Plants 造型灌木和小植物
Hedge & Screen 绿篱
Unique Ground Cover 新品地被

Mockup and samples  样板及样品提供


We provide proper samples and make mockups of risk areas prior to full scale construction.

Unique Planting Teams 专门的种植团队
Greenspace has and also brings in 3rd party specialised planting teams for such things as hero tree planting, turfing, meadows, waterplants etc.碧意轩拥有专业种植团队,对如超大乔木种植,专业草坪,草甸及水生植物等碧意轩也会邀请第三方专业团队。

Invest in infrastructure 基础设施的投入
We encourage our clients to invest in proper drainage, plant support, root barriers, soils and irrigation. All part of a project which non one sees but which are imperiative to quality maintenance and plant health.我们提倡客户投资在正规的排水设施,大树支撑,阻根层及种植土及灌溉上,所有这些内容虽然都属于基础或隐蔽项目,但对于后续植物的健康和高质量的养护都是至关重要的。

Good soils with proper under drains and good waterproofing are key to planting in containers and roofs. Don’t cut corners which will cost you later.  优质的种植土及良好的排水系统及有效的防水是花箱及屋顶种植的关键,请不要遗漏上述任何细节以避免更多的后续返修成本

Signage & Plants标识及植物标牌
How do users understand seasonal planting?, which is the quickest way to the bathroom, what is the story behind the landscape?
Also check out our unique landscape signage and labelling system .