GS Sign & Interactive Label System

Though our understanding of landscapes, how people interact in them and our horticulture database CHN, we have developed a unique landscape signage system.

Greenspace Signage & Label System

Encounter information on the landscape and the plants and wildlife that inhabit it.

See information on the signs and labels and scan them with your phone or devices to listen and obtain more information on what is around you.

Easy, informative, fun, practical and interactive.







We provide a full turn key solution 我们提供完整的解决方案

developed and managed in-house. Simple, easy and quick. 在室内就能开发及管理,操作简单快速

Physical Signage Design 

    • Wood, metal, plastic materials. We have experience what blends into landscape, gets attention and lasts outdoors.
    • We can provide  signage content or work with 3rd party storytellers to develop.
    • Images, text and QR codes for scanning.


  • 木质,金属及塑料材料。我们能够找到能够融入景观,吸引眼球并且可以适用于户外的材料
  • 我们能够提供标牌内容或者由第三方提供故事而我们负责后续编辑。
  • 图片,文字及二维码可供扫描

Multi lingual, multi device integrated

    • We integrate sound / audio explanation
    • And video and still
    • Along with other online content
    • Obtain detailed information on the project, the designers, developers, story of who and what is behind it.
    • Integrated with various way finding solution and our online plant database make for a interesting experience.
    • Install and operation.
    • Scan & digital content (compatible with phones / iPads / we chat etc)


  • 我们结合声音/语音说明
  • 包括视频
  • 连接其他在线信息
  • 获取项目的详细信息,设计师,开发商,项目的背景和故事
  • 结合各类道路导向及我们的在线植物数据库创造有趣的体验
  • 安装及调试
  • 扫描&电子信息(兼容于电话平板电脑及微信等)


We dont want to littre the landscape with signs. We want visitors to appricate the landscape but to be able to get more information when applicable and when needed to make the whole experience more interacative, educational and memorable.

Our physical signage focuses on simplicity, wayfinding and being non invasive. We encourage visitors to scan the labels with their phones / ipads so they can listen to interesting stories on the plants, view images of the landscape in different seasons, get historic information on the site and enhance their visitor experience.



Plant labels and plant introduction 植物标牌和植物介绍

  • Action based 实施依据
  • Quality integrated design 质量结合设计
  • Reable 循环再用
  • Chinese & English 中文双语
  • Long lasting 使用寿命长
  • Interactive 互动性
Multi Lingual & Multi Device standard information on plants.

Multi Lingual standard information on plants. 多语种的植物标准信息

Full plant labelling system including tagging, monitoring and QC.

Full plant labeling system including tagging, monitoring and QC.整套植物标牌系统包括标记,监督和质检

A online solution which is tested on iOS and android. Also compatible with we chat.

A online solution which is tested on iOS and android. Also compatible with we chat.可用于iOS和android系统的在线查询系统,并且兼容于微信系统。