GS Landscape Project Management 碧意轩景观项目管理

Greenspace provides a suite of landscape project management services to meet developer and designer needs. Our service help designers realize their designs into reality while increasing the value of developer’s investment in their landscape for the long term.

We provide greater value from start to finish for your projects by providing trusted, experienced management teams with a thorough hands on understanding of design concepts, budgets and scheduling complexities for all types of landscape project needs. We work closely with our clients to balance costs, schedules and quality and help take the headache out of the unknown.

Our comprehensive range of landscape construction project management services is designed to provide the highest possible return on your property investment.




These services include 我们的服务范围包括:

QQΩÿÕº20141113104025Design Stage 设计阶段

Horticulture consulting 园艺咨询

Landscape design review 景观设计查看

Project budget review 项目预算查看

Project schedule plan 项目时间计划

IMG_1929Construction Stage 施工阶段

Schedule & budget control  工期及成本控制

Material selection & acceptance 材料挑选及确认

Onsite daily construction supervise  每天施工现场监察

Onsite issue report and resolving 现场问题报告及解决意见

Onsite and off site staging areas and temporary nurseries 现场及场外准备及备用苗圃

-3599Maintenance Stage 养护阶段

Maintenance planning  维护计划

IPM service  病虫害一体化管理

Maintenance technical supporting 养护技术支持

Labor training  工人培训

Tagging 标牌