Landscape Design & Horticultural Consulting

Our Landscape Design &  Horticultural Consulting services are aimed at achieving a strong effect which is feasible, cost effective and long lasting.

We take pride in being able to offer a very professional consultancy service:

  • Staff who not only consult but who have hands on experience designing, planting, growing and maintaining plants and building landscapes.
  • Our own unique commercial plant and supply database on Chinese horticulture which saves time and costs.
  • Appreciation and understanding of plant design and working with plant designers and landscape architects.
  • Experience in working on all types of projects in many parts of China.
  • Analytical and process driven approach aimed at saving money for our clients and improving the long term effect.
  • Honest and straight forward.




  • 咨询的团队本身具备设计、植物,种植、养护和施工的丰富经验。
  • 我们独家的植物来源数据库节省时间跟成本。
  • 对植物的特性和设计原理有充分理解,有助景观设计师和植物设计师完美合作
  • 在全国各地有多元的项目经验
  • 透明的分析和阶段性的管理有助节省业主成本及提高长期效率
  • 诚实公开的态度


  • Concept, SD, DD and WD/CD package review and comment.
  • Horticulture / Plant consulting.

We aid various leading landscape architects in horticulture consulting and have worked on many complicated and detail driven review and landscape design consulting projects saving our clients money and reducing risks.


  • 设计概念、方案、扩初详图、施工图的查看及意见
  • 园艺、植物咨询


Turf Alternatives

Extensive knowledge of wetland plants.

Extensive knowledge of wetland plants. 丰富的湿地植物知识经验

Our online plant and landscaping database

Our online plant and landscaping database 自创的在线植物及景观数据库

Client / Project Examples 客户/项目案例

  • Tishman Shanghai 上海铁狮门尚浦领世
  • Disney Shendi East 上海申迪迪士尼东区项目
  • Shanghai Expo – UK pavilion 上海世博会 – 英国馆
  • Hong Kong Land – Beijing WFJ project and MOHG hotel 香港置地-北京王府井项目和东方文华酒店
  • Hotel north china 中国东北地区五星酒店
  • Factory  德国工厂项目
  • Goodman 嘉民
  • Portman 上海商城