Maintenance stage

Greenspace believes design and construction are just the start of project and that maintenance is the critical point to ensure your property quality and investment grow.

Along with our knowledge maintenance team leader, we begin each new relationship by working with the client to create a unique landscape maintenance plan that addresses the properties’ specific needs. We make sure this is implemented with strong hands on management and help monitor and troubleshoot over the long term.

Greenspace will be your strong backend support for you and your project long-term success.







Deliverables 提交成果:

  • Maintenance planning 养护计划
  • IPM services 生物虫害一体化管理
  • Maintenance technical supporting 养护技术支持
  • Labor training 养护培训
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting & Reporting 监督,解难&报告体系

Use IPM to your advantage!

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Bats are beneficial! 蝙蝠是有益的的!Use IPM to your advantage and save cost!

Use IPM to your advantage and save cost! 优选病虫害一体化管理帮助节约成本

Frogs are useful predators! 青蛙是非常有用的捕猎者!

Frogs are beneficial!

Help Control Your Pests 帮助控制虫害

Use IPM to your advantage. Plants attract predators which eat unwanted bugs.

Use IPM to your advantage. Plants attract predators which eat unwanted bugs & pests. 优选病虫害一体化管理。选用吸引捕猎者的植物可以帮助减少虫害



Greenspace has been providing quality landscape maintenance services to golf clubs, commercial, residential, school, private and many types of projects. Our Landscape Maintenance Consulting & Monitoring stems from our hands on experience in this area.



These days we not only provide full maintenance services when we design/build a landscape but also support other teams with maintenance planning, troubleshooting and monitoring.


Some of our Maintenance Clients 我们的客户:

  • UK Expo 世博会英国馆
  • NZ Expo 世博会新西兰馆
  • Lake View villa 翠湖天地
  • Tomson Golf Villa 汤臣高尔夫
  • DTZ 戴德梁行
  • Shanghai Center 上海商城
  • Urbn Hotel Urbn雅悦酒店
  • Shimao Sheshan Villas 世茂佘山别墅
  • Green Hills Villas 云间绿大地
  • Tian ma Golf Villa 天马高尔夫别墅
  • Yinhu Villa 银湖别墅
  • Zhonghai Villa 中海别墅
  • Changdi Villa 长堤
  • Ramada Hotel 华美达酒店
  • Jiangcai Century Tower 晶采大厦
  • Grand Gateway 港汇广场

And many other private clients.