Combined Design Build 设计施工一站式服务

One Project – One Team – One Responsible Party! Vision & Details seen through! Clear Communication & Improved Understanding! 一个项目- 同一个团队- 全责制!效果&细节清楚明确! 清晰的沟通环节确保沟通无阻碍!

Greenspace Ltd provides a combined Design Build Maintenance service for small to medium scale landscaping projects as well as on specialised areas of larger projects. The aim of offering a combined service is to simplify the life of our client with us being responsible for all areas of project delivery. This results in high quality projects delivered on budget and schedule.

About half of the work we deliver is combined Design Build and currently we only offer it in the Shanghai greater area.



Design & Consult

设计 & 咨询

Greenspace Ltd provides innovate, creative and practical landscape design. We hope our activity and education landscape design along with our horticultural and natural water design lead the market in China. Please look at our Design & Consult work to understand more about how we creative unique landscapes.
碧意轩公司提供创新创意及可实施的景观设计。我们希望我们的寓教于乐的特色景观设计结合我们的园艺知识及天然水系统设计能够成为引领国内市场,行业市场的风向标。请查看我们的设计&咨询 页面以了解更多我们的创意景观。

Plant & Build & Maintain

种植 & 施工 & 养护

We have some small but very good planting and construction/maintenance teams. We are not able to act as a GC on very large projects but work as a specialised contractor for planting and build that requires a strong attention to detail and care. For prestigious project that require interesting plants we also stock and sell a range of interestingly natural high quality trees, shrubs and ground covers. For projects we build we also offer maintenance services. Please look at our Build & Maintenance work to understand how we create landscapes which increase in value and beauty overtime. 我们有优秀的种植和施工小型团队。我们无法做为大型项目的总包,但是我们致力于做对质量有高要求的 种植和施工。对于需要特殊植物的项目我们同样可以提供,并且销售大量不同种类的天然株型的乔灌木及地被。对于我们施工的项目我们也提供施工后的养护服务。