Outdoor Active Learning 户外互动教学

Quality & Imaginative School & Education Landscapes 质量&想象力&教育景观

Designing and implementing integrated play and educational areas in landscapes is one of Greenspace Ltd’s key focuses. We provide this specialised service for architects, developers, schools, universities and parks. We promote the following in our outdoor active learning landscapes:


Mixed Learning & Play 寓教于乐

  • Education through outdoor play: integrating indoor / outdoor classrooms and driving people to learn through fun, challenging and playful experiences. Trying to make the outdoor educational environment as challenging, dynamic and risk taking as allows. Trying to blur the lines between a natural landscapes, adventure and education.
  • Integration with curriculum and learning outcomes: where applicable, we work with the teachers and students to enable a learning experience integrated with the landscape.
  • Natural elements: we believe people should play and be educated where possible in natural and biophilic environments.
  • Long term commitment: to maximise the value of the landscape and its education potential we believe that long term commitments from ourselves, clients, users and all parties are needed.
  • User involvement: while keeping things practical and focused we believe students, teachers, management, parents should all be part of the process.
  • Managed Risk: we don’t want sterile, boring, non natural environments however at the same time we need safe and manageable environments for both the children and teaching staff. We integrate both EN (European) & GB (Chinese) playground safety standards into our work.
  • Diversity & Identity: we like to emphasise diversity, change & seasonality in our  landscapes which intern act as good educational models. Just as importantly we make sure our landscapes provide a strong lasting identity for the schools & education institutions.
  • Sports & Competition: we promote healthy competition and a wide range of traditional and modern sporting and adventure activities.
  • Balancing Naturalism and Formality: Implementing  ecosystem and environmental areas while trying to make things not get too unwieldily and messy.
  • Practical design and details: We think through the design so its feasible to be built, performs well and is practical to maintain. We have many standard design/build details which are practical for China and which have been tried, tested and improved over the years.
  • Quality & Longevity: Our landscapes are designed and built to last and take punishment!
  • 户外教育:配合户外跟室内的学习环境,营造有趣,刺激的学习体验,试图让户外教育环境充满挑战,充满活力和冒险。尝试打破自然景观同学习探索之间的界限。
  • 融合教学的内容:同老师、学生紧密交流,为他们贴身定制配合不同科目和文化的学习环境。
  • 天然元素:我们相信人们应在一个自然生态的环境中游乐和教学。
  • 长远合作:我们相信通过和客户、使用者进行多方的长期交流、合作才能真正体现教育景观的价值。
  • 使用者参与:我们鼓励师生、家长、及管理层参与设计过程,实现真正用家为本的景观。
  • 风险管理:我们不喜欢乏味,不自然的景观环境,但同时我们也需要确保景观环境中老师和学生的安全。我们的设计也会结合参照欧洲及中国的游戏设施安全标准。
  • 多元化& 特征:我们要强调景观中的多样性,变化和季节性。同样重要的是,我们要确保我们的景观为学校提供了长久的明显的身份象征。
  • 运动 & 竞赛:我们提倡良性竞争及多元化的传统及现代体育探险活动。
  • 自然与规则的平衡:建立生态环境区域同时也确保环境的方便性。
  • 实用的设计及细节:我们充分考虑设计的可实施性及实际的养护问题。我们有大量标准设计及节点详图可适用于国内并且得到了多年的测试及改进。
  • 质量&持久性:我们设计及施工的景观可经历时间的考验。

Our School Projects 我们的学校项目案例

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Greenspace blurs the lines between a naturalism, adventure, sports and education in the landscapes it creates. Being ourselves design/builders, educators and parents we are tired of the majority of the educational institutions in China having low value generic landscapes. These landscape, while mostly strong at offering traditional sports facilities, bits and bobs of play equipment and bus pickup/dropoff, are a real missed opportunity at offering a contemporary and important educational space.

Most of the fondest memories we have of childhood are at play and being adventurous in the outdoors. We believe many of the things we learn and experience in our younger years should take place outdoors. We believe well thought out landscapes are key to an educational environment. We don’t want our children to be cut off and scared of nature and the natural environment. We need our children to understand ecosystem, nature and how the environment works. This is best learnt in and interacting with it.

We need our children to understand living things, rural and natural environments not just concrete urbanism. What best way to do that than in the outdoors in places of education. While educational institutions in China for the most part have integrated sports into their landscape there has been very little thought placed on outdoor risk taking, adventure and education. Lessons and classrooms in China, in the ancient world for 1000’s of years where traditionally located outdoors. We now live in mega urban environments and in many cases in gated communities which is a necessity, however, we should not cut ourselves and our children off from nature and the outdoors which further disconnects us from the environment. As part of a responsible society we need to take ownership of the greater environment and landscape we inhabit not just what we directly own. Children and education are key to this and so is the landscaped outdoor environment.




Education Client Examples 客户案例

  • Dulwich Shanghai & Suzhou 德威国际学校上海&苏州
  • British School Shanghai 上海英国学校
  • American Schools Pudong & Puxi 上海美国学校浦东&浦西
  • YCIS 耀中国际学校
  • YK Pao 包玉刚小学
  • 7 Flowers 七色花小学
  • And various others  其他各类院校
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Designing and integrating natural play areas are key to our work.

Designing and integrating natural play areas are key to our work. 我们的重点是设计自然的游乐空间

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Integrating areas which enable kids to learn and play at the same time.

Integrating areas which enable kids to learn and play at the same time. 孩子可以边玩边学。

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Integrating off the shelf play items and equipment with custom built pieces.

Integrating off the shelf play items and equipment with custom built pieces. 现成的游乐设施和定制产品相结合

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Sports & Play

Flexible spaces well integrated into the landscape. Not just the occasional bit of play equipment on soft-fall. 景观中兼具观赏性及实用性,不只是随意地安装游乐设施。