• Acer buergerianum.spp

    Acer buergerianum.spp

  • Acer elegantulum

    Acer elegantulum

  • Acer fabri

    Acer fabri

  • Aesculus chinensis var. wilsonii

    Aesculus chinensis var. wilsonii

  • Cornus controversa

    Cornus controversa

  • Glyptostrobus pensilis

    Glyptostrobus pensilis

  • Ilex rotunda

    Ilex rotunda

  • Liquidambar formosana ‘Fuluzifeng’

    Liquidambar formosana ‘Fuluzifeng’

  • Michelia skinneriana

    Michelia skinneriana

  • Osmanthus cooperi

    Osmanthus cooperi

  • Podocarpus nagi

    Podocarpus nagi

  • Prunus campanulata

    Prunus campanulata

  • Pseudolarix amabilis

    Pseudolarix amabilis

  • Pyrus calleryana

    Pyrus calleryana

  • Symplocos tetragona

    Symplocos tetragona

The plants shown are representative of the plants we grow and stock. We go in and out of stock of some items very quickly so please contact us for pictures of actual stock. If the trees you are after are not shown we are happy to try to source them for you if we can find the correct quality.

All our trees are of a high quality standard and we will guarantee them if we plant and maintain them (1 to 2 years depending on nature of project).

We are only interested and only provide trees which are natural, not butchered lollipops and have interesting qualities. Our focus is as much on the root ball spec and size as it is on the canopy, height and DBH>