Dulwich School Shanghai – Ducks 上海德威-幼儿园

[cq_vc_imageoverlay overlayshape=”drop-bottom” image=”4403″ icon_fontawesome=”” overlaytitle=”DUCKS Shanghai 上海德威学校幼儿园” overlaycontent=”2014 Master Plan & Concept Design 2014 景观规划&概念设计” overlaysize=”250″]

Project: Dulwich School Shanghai – DUCKS

Our Involvement: Landscape Masterplan and Concept Design, DD & WD by others.

Intro: The challenge was to design a fun landscape which allowed for free flow of the children into secure areas next to the classrooms without making the whole school look like fence heaven. We designed a series of undulating fences hidden in the planting while keeping other areas open and multifunctional.

Build: by others – 2014

Maintain: by others






Integration of play equipment 有机融合的游乐设施

Natural and soft 自然&柔和

Undulating fences  起伏的围篱