Design & Build  设计&施工

A Shanghai based landscape firm focusing in the design & build of playful, educational, environmental, adventure, activity and identity based outdoor spaces.


What We Do 服务范围

We envision and/or craft quality landscapes which we hope increase in value and beauty over time.

On the one side we work closely with clients and teams envisioning & designing outdoor spaces – from master planning through to working drawings.

On the other side crafting creativity by building and planting living landscapes.

We mostly create small to medium scale design-build projects with a strong attention to detail, usability, and practicality.





Who We Do It For 客户类型

We focus our services on the education market, private clients and higher-end public projects that require a high attention to detail and craftsmanship.



Shanghai British School 上海英国学校

Greenspace designs and plants a new landscape for the elementary students integrating mounds, plants and play equipment. 碧意轩设计及施工了全新的幼儿园区域景观,景观融入了地形,植物及各类游戏设施。


Dishui Lake 滴水湖

Greenspace Ltd worked under DLC for the design of the new Dishui Lake. Greenspace was very pleased to come up with a unique swimming, sport and salt / wind tolerant planting concept. Very interesting to see how this takes shape over the next few years. 碧意轩公司同地茂景观合作完成了新滴水湖区域的设计。碧意轩非常荣幸的参与了海水泳池,运动区域及耐盐碱植物的概念设计。非常期待建造完成时的样子。


Lakeville Downtown 翠湖天地

A unique roof top garden in downtown Shanghai. Some amazing pines, maples and azaleas. 独具特色的市区屋顶花园。包括了令人惊叹的松树盆栽,红枫及杜鹃。


Shanghai American School 上海美国学校

A very special "Eagles Nest" nature reserve garden in Pudong. 位于浦东的非常有趣及有特色的“鹰巢”自然保护区花园


An Island Retreat in the Yangtze 小岛度假村

A very progressive client and architect set a interesting baseline for a sustainable landscaping project. Lessons learned for everyone! China's first natural swimming pool, micro water recycling system and seasonal meadows. 是一个客人思想超前,建筑师进行了初步规划的可持续发展的景观项目。所有参与项目的人都从中学到了很多。中国第一个天然泳池,微型水循环系统及四季草甸


Dulwich Shanghai 英国德威学校上海校区

Integrated play, education and natural landscape areas for Pudong Dulwich. 位于浦东的德威学校,设计结合了游戏,教育及自然景观为一体。


Sheshan Private Garden 佘山私人花园

A private garden full of fragrant plants, attracting wildlife, a path you can play golf around and various seasonal areas. 私人花园其中充满芬芳的植物,吸引野生动物,拥有可以打高尔夫的路径及各色四季植物