Water system design 水系统设计 – Dishui Lake Landscape 滴水湖景观

Shanghai Lingang Dishui Lake 上海临港滴水湖

Sports & Water recycling 运动&水循环

Water system design 水系统设计

Greenspace Ltd provided a winning concept design and then SD packed for the specialised sports and overall planting for the development of Dishui Lake under the overall landscape masterplan redevelopment by DLC.  This included a unique swimming, trail, triathlon experience brining new function and sports to the area. We also developed a salt and wind tolerant planting pallet which should enable the area to have its own unique identity while being easy to maintain with maximum growth potential.


Located at the far east of Pudong, the project is faced with many site challenges like strong wind, enormous road scales, high salinity in soil and high water table.