Landscape Designer Jobs 诚邀景观设计师加入

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Looking for some landscape designers to work with. Hard work but interesting projects. Very hands on. PM me on wechat: justyjus or email Thanks…

Greenspace Ltd – Landscape Designers

We are looking for landscape designers to join our small team working on projects in Shanghai and other parts of China.

> Junior designer. Full time, long term @ office and site
> Interns. Short term 3 month / project based @ office and site
> Senior designer. Part time senior (project based) @ from own home and/or office

The designers will work with Justin & a small team producing:

Diagrams: vector plans, maps, book layouts etc
Drawings: hand drawing visualising concepts
Renderings: photoshop / Sketch-up or Rhino
Onsite reports: pictures / text
Research: background info on the projects
Admin: filing / general record keeping
Reporting: understanding project deliverables and monitoring progress

We take a very active hands on approach to our work. We create mostly design and build projects. Lots of our time is spent in the field. Most of our work is small scale however it is highly detailed usually with focused international clients. We like to work with clients who are the developer / operator and like to be involved from the planning through to the operation of the landscape. We have a strong focus in “Play” “Activity” “Nature” and environmental landscape engineering and place-making.

> Mostly working in Shanghai.
> Shanghai office
> East China / Rural China office
> HK

Basic Requirements
> English & Chinese
> Basic CAD
> Photoshop or similar
> Illustrator or simular vector graphics
> 3D – Sketchup or simular

Who’s the job for
> independent
> pro active
> organized
> to gain hands on experience
> to learn how things are actually made – design through build through operation
> interested in story telling

Who’s it not for
> want to focus in one small area of the landscape design field
> not so hands on
> want to stay indoors
> not very active

上海碧意轩园艺有限公司 招聘



ü 全职景观设计师,工作场地办公室内及施工现场
ü 实习生 3个月短期工作/工作地点根据参与项目的区域而定
ü 资深景观设计师。兼职@可在家工作


效果图:PS 效果图/sketch-up or Rhino 效果图

我们非常积极的参与到我们的工作。 我们主要从事景观设计和建造项目。我们会花很多时间在现场,而我们从事的大部分项目都是小规模的,但通常专注于国际客户。 我们喜欢与开发商/运营商的客户合作,参与从景观规划到的后期运作整个过程。 我们的项目则专注于“游戏”“活动”“自然”,及环境景观。

ü 主要工作场地在上海,
ü 位于上海的办公室及中国东部的野外办公室,
ü 香港

ü 中英文流利
ü 基本的CAD技能
ü 会使用PS软件或类似图文处理软件
ü 会使用AI或类似图片处理软件
ü 3D- sketchup or 类似效果图软件

ü 有独立处理工作的能力
ü 工作态度积极
ü 工作有条理,有组织性
ü 乐于实际动手体验,
ü 乐于学习了解整个项目实施过程-从设计到施工到后期运营