YCIS Junior School Landscape MP 耀中国际学校-小学校区景观规划设计

By 2015-11-12 December 15th, 2015 Our Work 项目案例, Teaching&Play 教育&游乐

YCIS HQ Junior School MP 耀中虹桥小学校区

interesting site for us to do the new Master plan 富有趣味的场地景观规划设计

Greenspace conducted a masterplan for the school landscape of YCIS in Hongqiao District. The accessibility gave it a competitive edge over other schools but the limited space also proved to be a challenge for masterplanning due to the high property value. Planning techniques from Chinese gardens are borrowed to achieve virtual expansion of space within a limited area. The programs and style of the campus is also planned to go hand in hand with the school ideology and their unique curriculum: The integration of Chinese culture with international perspectives in education.

耀中国际虹桥校区是一个非常有挑战的规划项目。学校位于虹桥的心脏地带,有便捷的地利优势,但同时要面对地价高企的有限空间。在有限的空间内融入更多不同的活动项目是我们面对的主要难题。为了令每个空间得到充分的利用, 我们参考了中国园林的布局技巧,令有限的空间也可以变得实用, 狭小的空间能显得舒适。耀中国际学校重视双语教育,以及融合中、西文化的价值观 。因此,我们的景观规划也在功能和风格方面,特意配合了学校的教育理念。