Shanghai Amercian School – PD Eagles Nest Garden 上海美国学校浦东鹰巢花园

SAS PD Eagles Nest Garden 上海美国学校浦东鹰巢花园

Unique micro nature reserve combining education, play and activity. 特色微型自然保护区结合教学游戏及活动

Design: First Concept: Students of BALS2 2013 – Hong Kong University. 2nd Concept, DD, WD by Greenspace Ltd.

Build: Greenspace Ltd with lots of support from the SAS team.

Maintain: Greenspace Ltd for the 1st year with handover to SAS in 2016.

Description: The Eagle’s Nest is a site that resemble Chinese Courtyard. As an entry point for the elementary school, the courtyard is designed as a multi-functional playground which encourages social activities. We are proud of our unique and creative playscape that truly reflects the interest of the children and inspire them to observe the world in different sense. Stream line structures and smooth geometry is implied to facilitate the complexity of circulations. Natural planting effects are introduced to cultivate the atmosphere for “environmental learning”.

项目介绍:鹰巢是四周被建筑包围的四合院式的空间,作为幼儿园关键入口的庭院景观 ,我们设计了一个多功能游乐场,以激励交流活动,值得骄傲的是我们独特创造的游乐空间,真正的反映了孩子的兴趣,激发他们探索、观察世界的不同观感,流线形结构和顺畅的交通性能,自然的种植培养环境学习的氛围。

Project Gallery 项目图册

Designed in 6 play areas each with a learning outcome. 设计了6个不同的户外学习及玩乐区域

Completed over the summer holidays 2013. Opened October 2013 and currently integrating learning curriculum and establishing 1st years maintenance plans.